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Namaste & Cordially Welcome to the Land of Himalayas! Himalaya Trekking Team is one of the reputed and leading government registered trekking company in Nepal. We have been operating trekking, mountaineering, peak climbing, touring, jungle safari, rafting and many other outdoor adventure in Nepal. We work hard to offer quality, comfort, safe and meaningful vacations to our esteemed clients and we have been successful till date. 

Small Company Big Idea 

In 2010, we had a big idea to start a small tour company in Nepal. As our name implies, we are dedicated to unveil the Himalayas – we work in a team and help travelers immersing in our Himalayas, in all its quirky, enthralling, charming and often hidden glory. 

Nine years later, our Travel Company and Team have grown, but we still have same passion about showcasing about our home country. 

We use our knowledge of mountaineering, trekking and hiking in Himalayas to organize the exceptional holiday experiences. The process of crafting the travel products are highly collaborative. We work with our client ensuring their holiday perfectly meets what they want to do or see. 

We are born here and we know Nepal well! We have trekked the remote mountain tracks and ridden the trails, rafted and kayaked wild rivers, bungy jumped and climbed big mountains. Because we have been there, done all that; so we can help you get the best trips of your life. 

By booking with us you are not only getting an experienced and professional team, you are also providing work, which is crucial in helping us rebuild our lives and regain the self-respect that was lost when we had to rely on charitable donations. We at Himalaya Trekking Team strongly believe in giving back to the local community. So we are happy to donate part of our proceeds to Nepali school children in remote areas of the country.

Discover Nepal with your own two feet by heading on a trekking and walking trips with Himalaya Trekking Team. 

Himalaya Trekking Team is an exclusive operators of multi-day guided walks on iconic Himalayas through picturesque forest and highland villages. Explore daunting peaks and untouched forest of Nepal whilst enjoying the comfort of our luxury private lodge. 

There may be million ways to visit Nepal, but few resonate in the way that trekking and hiking does. Put on your boots, carry your rucksack and plunge yourself on a pristine environment well beyond the boring urban lifestyles.

Blessed with majestic Himalayas and dramatic wilderness, vibrant towns, dynamic arts traditions and rich multicultural villages, Nepal is really a stunning destination to visit. It may take long time for you to reach Nepal but once you are here, it is easy to get around, make friends and easy to fall in love with the beauty of Nepal’s terrain and culture. 

We heartily welcome you to explore the Himalayas – The last remaining Jewel of Earth! 

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