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Upper Mustang Tiji Festival

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Tiji Festival Trek in Upper Mustang Nepal is an annual event consisting three-day festival of Tibetan ritual indigenous to Lo-Manthang. The Tiji festival celebrates a myth, which tells the divinity named Dorje Jono who fought against his demon father to save Mustang from demolition. This festival is also known as “Chasing the demon”. Dorje Jono freed the people from the disaster and suffering created by the kingdom of his father. People believes that deity Dorje Jono, also known as vajrakila reincarnate to destroy the evil forces and demons that created chaos and suffering on earth. Through the dance form of Tiji festival, he defeated the demon and brought peace and happiness in Lo.

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek Itinerary Details HERE

Tiji festival in Mustang is based on monk’s traditional mask dance and various performance on story based act. The festival lasts for three days. Tiji is derived from word “ten che” that means the hope of Buddhism prevailing world over. Tiji festival in Upper Mustang is also a spring renewal festival. The monk performs a ritual dance named “TSA CHHAM” on the first day of festival and “NGA CHHSM” on the second day.
It is believed that the people of Lo Mangthag started to celebrate the Tiji festival from 15th century during the time of Lama Lowo Khenchen, one of greatest Buddhist teacher. During this 3 days ritual performance, the chosen monk performs many ritual dances that represents Dorje Jono and ancient Thangka painting of Guru Rimpoche Padmasambhava. The enchanting song, music, joy, and happiness fill the ambiance of Lo-Manthang during the festival.

When and where the Tiji festival celebrated?

Tiji festival is one of the greatest festival of Upper Mustang celebrated at Chhyode Gumba of Lo Manthag in Nepal. This festival is dedicated to the victory of truth over evil. The festival day of Tiji is assumed in accordance of lunar moon by local monks and great Lamas of monasteries. Normally, Tiji festival is celebrated in May every year. If you are dreaming to participate in Tiji festival in Mustang,

Join our exclusive 2024Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek to experience the famous Tiji Festival celebrated in Lo-Manthang from 05th May to 07th May 2024. Booking is now open!

Tiji Festival Trek – Fixed Departure Dates and Price HERE

Upper Mustang is a remote Himalayan province nestled at north of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges touched by the vicinity of Tibetan plateau all over except southern section which links Nepal. The cultural and tradition in Upper Mustang is influenced with Tibetan religion due to its closeness and long association. It remained isolated and militarized until 1992 which boast it as one of highly protected area of Nepal in terms of landscapes, culture, religion and tradition. People in Mustang still follows Tibetan Buddhist culture, tradition and speaks Tibetan language. Mustang lies in rain shadow area of Nepal making it perfect destination to trek in monsoon.
Tiji festival is celebrated in Lo-Manthag of Upper Mustang. Lo-Manthang is the walled capital of Kingdom Lo. Ame Pal constructed the wall and other beautiful structure in 1380.Majority of monasteries in Upper Mustang belongs to Sakayapa sect, dotted by color of grey, white and red. The people of Lo are highly religious so it’s great opportunity to explore the people and local monasteries during Tiji festival trek in Upper Mustang.

It takes around 18 days of trip that includes 12 day of trek in Mustang region. The complete itinerary package that briefs the trekking route to Kingdom Lo is link below:  

Tiji Festival Trek Itinerary Package HERE


Option I - 17-day trek

Day 01 (28 April 2024): Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

Day 02 (29 April 2024): Kathmandu sightseeing tour and pre-trek briefing

Day 03 (30 April 2024): Fly or drive to Pokhara [884m]

Day 04 (01 May 2024): Fly to Jomsom [2720m] and trek to Kagbeni [2800m]

Day 05 (02 May 2024): Kagbeni [2800m] to Chele [3100m]

Day 06 (03 May 2024): Chele [3100m] to Syangboche [3850m]

Day 07 (04 May 2024): Syangboche [3850m] to Charang [3500m]

Tiji Festival starts

Day 08 (05 May 2024): Charang [3500m] to Lo-Manthang [3840m]

Day 09 (06 May 2024): Lo-Manthang [3840m]

Day 10 (07 May 2024): Lo-Manthang [3840m]

Tiji Festival ends

Day 11 (08 May 2024): Lo-Manthang to Dhakmar [3820m]

Day 12 (09 May 2024): Dhakmar [3820m] to Ghiling [3570m]

Day 13 (10 May 2024): Ghiling [3570m] to Chhuksang [3050m]

Day 14 (11 May 2024): Chhuksang [3050m] to Jomsom [2720m]

Day 15 (12 May 2024): Fly to Pokhara [884m]

Day 16 (13 May 2024): Drive to Kathmandu

Day 17 (14 May 2024): Transfer to the international airport for final departure


Option II - 10-day jeep tour

Day 01 (01 May 2024): Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

Day 02 (02 May 2024): Kathmandu sightseeing tour and pre-trek briefing

Day 03 (03 May 2024): Fly or drive to Pokhara [884m]

Day 04 (04 May 2024): Fly to Jomsom [2720m] and drive to Chhuksang [3050m]

Tiji Festival starts

Day 05 (05 May 2024): Chhuksang [3050m] to Lo-Manthang [3840m]

Day 06 (06 May 2024): Lo-Manthang [3840m]

Day 07 (07 May 2024): Lo-Manthang [3840m]

Tiji Festival ends

Day 08 (08 May 2024): Drive to Jomsom [2720m]

Day 09 (09 May 2024): Fly to Pokhara [884m] and to Kathmandu

Day 10 (10 May 2024): Transfer to international airport for final


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