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How to prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek

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Mt. Everest is highest mountain on the earth, Its located in Khumbu region of Nepal, the height of the Everest is 8848m from the sea level. It doesn’t stop there, however. Mount Everest grows about 4 mm every year due to the movement of continental plates. It is said that one out of every ten successful summits ends in death. Because of this, there are many people that are intimidated by climbing the summit. These people decide to take on the still-impressive Everest base camp trek.   

Namche Bazaar aerial view, Everest trek, Himalaya, Nepal[/caption] Everest Base Camp height is 5365m from the sea level. The Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular and top Trekking in Nepal, and there are many different ways to get there. There are still risks of going on the Everest base camp, because of the high altitudes, but it can be rather safe if done correctly. Don’t rush the trek, take your time, and you will be fine. As long as you prepare as if you were climbing the summit, you will be well prepared for the trek.

Excellent view of Mt. Everest (8,848m)

The most important part of preparation of Everest Base Camp is first making sure your body before you go to Everest, you should have well checkup in our country and consult with your doctor, This is the best way of Everest Base Camp Trek, You also need to assess if you are in good enough shape for the climb. Climbing to these great altitudes is not for the faint of heart, to put it lightly. If your idea of exercise is walking from the couch to the fridge on a daily basis, this isn’t for you.

Now you know your body doesn't have any issue that would make your goal on Mountain, you need to prepare by this, You have to able to carry heavy weight on your back, handle the low air pressure and withstand high winds and low temperatures. This Base Camp trek gives you time for acclimatization on Namche and Dingboche which greatly improves your body’s reaction to the altitude.

Most people plan and prepare their hike years in advance. It’s not something you can decide on a whim to do next week. You need to make sure you are in great physical shape, and that you can withstand all of the extreme conditions on Mount Everest. You also need to make sure you are can fund the training and the trip, because the process can cost a pretty penny. As long as you do your duty and prepare for the potentially risky trek, you can lower your odds of getting hurt. Mother Nature is a beautiful mystery, and if it’s your prerogative to unveil the mystery, the opportunities are endless. So the Everest Base Camp Trek is not difficult if you do correctly and follow with our guide suggestion.

Gear List for Everest Base Camp Trekking:


  • Sun hat or scarf
  • Fleece jacket with wind-Stopper
  • Waterproof shell jacket
  • Down vest and/or jacket (can hire here in Nepal also)
  • Lightweight gloves
  • Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof shell outer
  • Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms • Fleece or wool pants
  • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell pants • Thick, warm wool hiking socks • Hiking boots with spare laces • Sunglasses with UV protection Accessories • Sleeping bag rated to zero degrees Fahrenheit • Trekking poles (sticks) • Headlamp • Trek bag-pack • Basic First Aid Kit • Daypack (approximately 2,500 to 3,000 cubic inches) • Thermo-rest sleeping pad • Water bottles • Small wash towel Toiletries • Quick drying towel (medium sized) • Soap (preferably biodegradable) • Tooth brush/paste (preferably biodegradable) • Deodorants • Face and body moisturizer • Nail clippers • Small mirror • Tissue paper/ toilet roll • Anti bacterial Hand wash Extras • Trail Map/Guide book • Binocular • Reading book • Journal & Pen • Pencils and small notebooks

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